All the upcoming events for bringing a new lease of life to the ruins

Upcoming Events

Hunt the geocache!

This is not a traditional event! You can join the world's largest treasure-hunting game all year round. Visit and discover how to find the cache hidden somewhere around the castle!

Are you planning an event? Looking for a unique venue?


Past Events

Feast of St. Martin 2022

On November 18, 2022 Kulturno Dramsko Društvo Faladur and the Kulturno Društvo Von Leitenburg organized a wine tasting in the castle cellar to celebrate Saint Martin. It was one of the numerous events in the Vipava Valley and at Lože throughout the month to celebrate the Novello wine. It was a fun evening with the "Ne ojci pevec" musical group, a joyful Saint Martin's feast with blessing, baptism of wine and tasting of wines curated by winemakers from Lože. Thanks to JRP Studio - Jasmina Putnik Photography

A horse and bike ride to the Castle

On October 15, 2022 Ranč Tunink arranged a cavalry parade for children and youth. Lože Castle was one ot the stopovers of this ride. Our volunteer Janja set up a fun treasure hunt, inspired by an old legend of the castle, for the girls who came up the hill riding horses or by bike. They also met Kathy, the daugther of Count Mayer, and Barbara, the grandaughter of Ana Kansky, and learned some interesting facts about the castle through their stories!

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley 2022

On 6-7 May 2022, at Loze Castle, we had a new appointment with the participants of UTVV2022, the famous ultramarathon of the Vipava valley. The UTVV team organized a station in the castle's main hall, as the weather forecasts could have been better. More than 1000 runners stopped for a short break (sometimes very short!) to drink or eat something before resuming the competition. We were happy to host them and hope to see them again next year! We hope we have provided a breathtaking view to runners and supporters. And we have been just excited to see Lože Castle featured in the official UTVV 2022 Aftermovie video at 00.34s!

Ultra Trail Vipava Valley 2021

UTVV is the most popular event in the Vipava Valley for runners who want to push the limits of their physical and mental endurance on trails and hills. At the end of October 2021, a very successfull edition took place with 1300 registered runners parted in 6 different categories based on distance and difficulty level.
The UTVV organizers wanted to include Lože Castle in the race trail, making a huge work for clearing the area and setting up one of the refreshment stations right in front of the main entrance of the castle. We hope we have provided a breathtaking view to runners and supporters. And we have been just excited to see Lože Castle featured in the official UTVV 2021 Aftermovie video at 00.40s!
The next UTVV is planned to take place on MAY / 6-8 / 2022: registrations are open. We hope we'll experience the UTVV again... as supporters!
Photo gallery: thanks to Ana Vidrih Gregoric

"Tarok" - The ambulant comedy

TAROK play is staged as an ambulant intervention of playing a game of cards.
Our maximal creative group creates at first an inpromptu installation, then staging, yet without a stage or curtain.
Our version of Tarok game is followed by random spectators, who eventually become players. Accompanied by amusing dramatic, musical and puppetry entre-acts, we illustrate the dwellers i.e some Mayer family members and their moments of life in Lože castle, throughout a century.
We welcome also non-players and supporters!
Our ambulant comedy promises an enchanting experience of creating amusing atmosphere, based on parlour game, rich historical material and prompt interaction of both actors and volunteers.

CREDITS || Script and directing: Barbara Bulatović - Music: Mark Reid - Installation: Paola Korošec - Design cards: Barbara Stupica - Costume: Mimi Mayer, Barbara B - Horn: Katarina Klemenčič
CAST || Mama Loška: Medea Novak - Mara Štrekelj: Aljoša Križ - Mama Mimi: Barbara Bulatović - Škis: Slavko Trivković - Producer: Barbara Bulatović - Photo, video: Jan Hauschen - Coproducers: MOLjubljana, KUD Von Leitenburg, Kud Daktari, MCLU Koper

Feast of St. Martin at Lože Castle

The successful feast of St. Martin of a couple of years ago was a delightful and fun opportunity to gather neighbors and friends for wine tasting, tasteful bites from local producers, music and dance that went on all night long.
We are looking forward to be allowed to plan another feast like this with all the local community of Lože, very soon!