Lože Castle - Slovenia

A unique treasure to be restored,
to save historical memory for future generations

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From an unfortified medieval manor, overlooking the green and peaceful valley of Vipava, to a residence for artists and poets from the beginning of the 18th century until the Second World War, Lože Castle and its last forward-thinking owners lived a controversial story of pains and injustice due to the course of history.
Lože Castle could be a significant piece of cultural heritage for the whole community and the new generations.

Kulturno Drustvo Von Leitenburg, a non-profit cultural organisation, is carrying on a project for saving and preserving Lože Castle, its surrounding grounds, and the natural environment. The ultimate mission is to breathe new life into the ruins and share them with the whole community as evidence of its history.

Everyone can help in different ways! We hope you’ll take a moment to discover this treasure and get involved to rescue it.

Back in the Middle Ages...

The history of Lože Castle spans almost 1000 years, starting from the building of the first estate in the Middle Ages, rebuilt from scratch, later In the 17th century, on the foundations of the medieval castle.

Meet the owners over the past

Noble families from Austria and Germany lived at Lože Castle. The House of Habsburg, a line of German Princes, and the Patriarch of Aquileia were the first owners during the Middle Ages. The most significant families for the history and culture at Lože were the Cobenzls and the Mayers, from 1579 to 1945.



Barbara Bulatović, the granddaughter of Ana Mayer Kansky, is the screenwriter and director of “Tarok” - The ambulant comedy. She tells about this original play, inspired by the story of Lože Castle and the Mayers, especially dedicated to the women of this family, as the ultimate attempt to rescue the memory of this unfortunate estate.

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Kulturno Društvo Von Leitenburg is a non-profit cultural organisation with the goal to save and preserve Lože Castle, its surrounding grounds and the natural environment. Its ultimate mission is to breathe new life into the ruins and share them with the whole community as an evidence of its history.
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The first Official Big Bench in Slovenia

Kulturno Društvo von Leitenburg joined the Big Bench Community Project in 2022 by promoting the first Big Bench in Slovenia, that was officially listed in the BB network on Sept. 18th, 2023.
It was the natural result of one of the complex and demanding projects related to the castle and the outcome of the hard work of our volunteers, the concession of the land of the Mayer family, and the donation of Dr. Luigi Conte.
Our Big Bench is #325 in the Big Bench Community Project network. You can come across it while hiking on the main trail from the Lože Castle leads to Slap. It's on the castle grounds at the roadside. Sitting on this bench, you can enjoy the view over the Vipava Valley. The castle is on your right.
The green and orange of the Big Bench intertwine with the colors of the most beautiful sunsets in the Vipava Valley and the typical shades of autumn leaves.

About the Big Bench Community Project

The Big Bench Community Project (BBCP) started in 2010 when Chris Bangle came up with the idea to install out-of-scale, colorful benches just off the usual tourist itineraries to support small communities with the development of tourism and local businesses. The benches are 2 m high and 3.5 m long. When you climb them, you can feel like a child: hopefully, you'll look at the landscape with wonder.

Currently, 330 benches are set up, mainly in northern Italy. Cross-border benches are in Spain, Scotland, the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Poland, and… Slovenia!

The project by the American designer has been very successful. There's a Facebook group with 63,000 active members. This community of "bench" visitors travels around Italy and Europe, looking for these benches, discovering new destinations, and collecting another stamp on their special passports. BBCP created passports and customized stamps for each bench, turning the experience into a social phenomenon. Passports are stamped and sold to those who need a new one in coffee shops or other commercial activities more or less near the benches.

Where to get stamps and passports in Vipava

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